History of the 109R

It all started with the Design from Dr. Ing. W. Messerschmitt and his Team in
the early 1930´s. In many aspects this Design was ahead of its Time and proved
it again and again in Competitions and finaly in Air-War since 1936.
Until 1970 there were more than 33.000 Bf/Me 109 built in several Countrys
around the World, e.g. Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Today only a few were still airworthy and so some Pilots wished to own one,
because to arrive on a Airfield, stepping out of a Warbird is one of the most
desired Acts some Pilots wishes.
But when you see the costs of around 2.000 to 5.000 Euro for one Hour of
Airborne Joy it will be more than most of us could afford.

So in the late 80´s a Carpenter from Blackforrest Country in Germany, Tassilo Bek, decide to
build his own Plane. As the Microlights are fresh on the Market only several
Years ago he thought about the right Type of Plane. He visited Oshkosh Airshow
and saw some Loehle P51 Mustangs, tiny but good Planes. Back in Germany he
build a Counterpart, the Me 109 due to the easy handling and his Background.

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He build a first one, a all over wooden 109. This one was fine, but sloooow and
clumsy. So he invented some improvements. With a little Help he designed the
today known Glasfibre 109. The first one was the D-MBAK, Maiden-Flight 1991.

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Engine was a Hirth 2704 with only 40 HP, but the Plane went as fast as 190
km/h. Wow. maybe it depends on the retractable Gear ;) But some Times later -
in Fact only one Year- he begann a new one, more Speed, more Power....

The following was WNr. 2, D-MYBB, has her Maiden Flight 1992 but sadly was
lost due to an Accident in the same Year.


But due to the Appearence on several Fly Ins the Market wanted this Plane.
Some Pilots begged him for Kits or Planes. So he build some for good
First one was the WNr. 3 D-MNBP, First flown 1994(?)

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She flew in Berlin Area until 2009 and then disappeared... if anyone knew her
location, give me a call ;)
Another Kit was the Werknummer 4, D-MCUZ.

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this Pane is airworthy again, but flies under french Colours and is a
interesting Plane. I knew no other Plane which have a useable Gear attached to
the Engine. This one has. The Suzuki Engine includes the Motorcycle Gear so
the Pilot could switch Reducer in Flight.... hope there will be no missuse.

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Another Customer build his 109 out of the Parts in the Rooftop of his House,
so he had to demolish it to bring the finished Plane to flight.
She was ever equipped with a Rotax 582 and still flies in Southern Germany.

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Mr. Bek himself build in the meantime a Experimental version out of the
Microlight. This Version flew first in 1996, was equipped with a Hirth F30 but
in short Time changed to a Subaru Engine. She flies until today as the first
Experimental 109R with the Vne 350 km/h, MTOW 500kg and +6g/-4g.

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After that he build another Microlight, as his Homebase were no longer allowed
to fly with Planes greater than 450kg. This one recieves the Rotax 912 and is
back in Germany since 2010. For a while she has a vacation in Paraguay.

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After this the Project went silent. Mr. Bek sold his Company and the new Owner
wont have anything to do with Flying.
So in 2003 Christian Engelen bought the Project and build the first Static
Plane until 2004, where she was displayed on the ILA in Berlin

Early 2012 we sell her to Poland, where she will be Part of a new Simulator
for Messerschmitt Pilots.

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The next Plane was also a Static one, which was received by a Harley Dealer in
Regensburg, Bavaria. The Company resides on the old Messerschmitt Area and th
Father of the Customer was Worker for Messerschmitt.
Still looking good:

(Coypright der aktuellen Bilder 2009-2012 PIA Motors Regensburg)

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In 2006 we had Maiden Flight with our first airborne Me 109 Werknummer 2-002.
The D-MYME (for My Messerschmitt) has flown several thousands of Kilometers
across Europe since then and achieved some Rewards like two first Places in
the German "Jahressportflug", one third and one fourth Place.
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2007 we sold the Werknummer 2-003 as a Kit to Berlin.Today (2012 July 10) we
complete this Kit to airworthines.


In Fall 2007 we sold on 109 to the Ukraine.

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2009 we build the Werknummer 2-004 as a second Company Plane for Marketing,
but she went to Austria to her new Owner in 2011.

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to be continued...